Located in the heart of beautiful city Nagpur, ePathshala is a day school with all facilities. ePathshala sprawl over 5 acres of land with ample space for buses and vehicle parking. The architectural design of the school has been drafted with great forethought and imagination to cater to the ever-growing, challenging modern teaching and learning needs.The school is designed to enhance teaching-learning process and we ensure that it becomes a second home for our students. We also believe that good infrastructure is a pre-requisite for quality education. The campus has technology enabled classrooms;include essential elements like activity corners, library racks, etc. and is fully Wi-Fi connected, promoting anywhere and everywhere learning for the learners. All the classrooms are well equipped with Smart boards, which augment smart learning.ePathshala maintains the latest computer learning aids, ample outdoor and indoor spaces for play, recreation and learning.

The school also has well equipped Science Labs, Technology Labs as per C.B.S.E norms for the practical implementation of the particular subject. The campus also comprises of an indoor auditorium. Likewise, the school campus is occupied with creative spaces such as the dance studio, the music factory and art and craft studios, language lab, library, etc. Every corner of the school talks about its unique pedagogy and offers an experience of learning while walking.

Besides this, the campus also has ample area of ground for playing sports or various games like cricket, relay, kho-kho, kabbaddi, throw disc, volley ball, skating, long jump, etc.


An unique indoor auditorium with seating capacity of 500 people, which has state of the art infrastructure and technical facilities required for the artistic performances.


Our elibrary called the ‘Knowledge Nook’ is a great reservoir of knowledge with exhaustive learning resources, occupies area of 4000 sq. ft. The Knowledge Nook is a strategic place of learning where project work, individual study and group research can take place.

The English Lab:

This place is reserved for the students where they can read, learn, understand and spend time inculcating self-learning habits to improve themselves with the skills of fluency in English communication and for ASA.

Dance Studio:

Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic, used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting. It is an integral part of our curriculum. Students love to explore the techniques in the Dance Studio.

Music Factory:

Music is an integral part of our curriculum. Students love to express themselves musically in the Music Factory, where they never hesitate to experiment with musical instruments like drum set, guitar, keyboard, tabla, etc.

Well Being Room (Medical Room):

The school has a well-equipped medical rooms, separate for Girls & Boys, which assists in the school health program. A caretaker helps us in providing quality primary health care and health-related education, counselling and outreach in support of optimal health and wellbeing.

Green School:

Sustainability is deeply rooted in the school’s ecosystem. To promote sustainability and preserve environment, the school has established area for organic farming where students will learn to understand the importance of farming.