ePathshala offers several external activities for students.

Students have a right to a broad education. Why should a science student have to give up music, or a social studies major not get opportunities for sports? Many children have talents in all sorts of different areas, and it is wrong to force them to specialize too early. A career is not the only part of an adult’s life – school needs to make sure they have interests and skills that will help them in their family and leisure lives too. Through equal balancing of academic and co-curriculum, however, the students have the chance to exercise their rights and the opportunity to be multi-talented. Lopsided individuals are not the key to the future, instead by recognizing each individual by their talents there exists a higher possibility for young people to learn and to grow in their studies.

Our students have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments at school. For children in year 3 and upwards, 30 minute lessons (group or individual) take place each week during school time. Instruments available include keyboard, tabla, Drum, flute and guitar. Other instruments which may be offered (subject to sufficient demand) include singing, ukulele, recorder, strings, woodwind and brass.

Co-curricular activities prepare students practically for the future. The normal curriculum can only go so far as to teach and educate students about academic theories. But students whose only experience of school or college is one of rigid academic study may not be able to apply what they have learned in practice. In ePathshala, co-curriculum is given an equal footing in student life. There will be an improvement in the student ability to grasp things as a whole, because students will have received a more rounded education.

Co-curricular activities are particularly good at providing opportunities for students to work in teams, to exercise leadership, and to take the initiative themselves. These experiences make students more attractive to universities and to potential employers.

ePathshala School organizes other traditional activities like Ganesh-Pooja, Rangoli Decoration, Flower Decoration, Diwali Celebration , Christmas celebration, Adventure Camp, Annual Day Function, Annual Sport Day etc.