Designo e-Academy

Designo e Academy is a company registered for providing services in the field of education. The Designo e Academy system understands the importance for the creating the availability of sound education and incorporates innovations from the field of technology onto the education platform.

Designo e Academy is the tutorial class of the current generation. A system of sound education methodology with cutting edge technology designed to ensure that the student understands the content he is learning, in order to cement the education process. Designo e-Academy brings together teachers of standing repute and proven track records bundled with an e-enabled courseware and classroom. This amalgamation brings together local expertise and international technologies and educational methodologies.

Designo Group Education Society

Designo Group Education Society has been established to provide quality education utilizing advancements of technology in the field of education. The society also aims at providing quality education at cost-effective pricing in its endeavor of fulfilling the objective of "Education for Everyone, Everyone for Education".